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Circumstance-my creation?
You don’t know what I’ve been through!


Have you ever been tempted to believe your circumstances create your destiny? Have you ever heard yourself say something like this:” I’m like this because….”, “My parents made me this way!”, “I can’t do better than this because….”. When you fall into this trap of believing you are the way you are because of your circumstances in your life do you feel helpless? When you break through and realize the circumstances of your life reveals who you are, not what happened to you, you feel empowered.


We cannot escape the truth that every experience, every relationship, and every aspect of our environment is in direct correlation to how we think and what we think. It is not the other way around. Circumstances do not make you unless you think yourself down to them. Do you allow your past experiences or unsupportive situations and people to hold you back? It is your choice to believe you are stuck in those circumstances. Because a circumstance is a creation of the mind that can always be changed with a belief. Did you know that your dominate thoughts create your beliefs?  Are you ready to get out of your circumstances? All you need to do is fight the temptation to believe you cannot change your thoughts.


I believe in you – you can be all you are designed to be. Start with some silly simple steps spelled out in my (Joanne Weiland) recent blog:


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