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Ask yourself:
Is this the best use of my time?
How many prospective clients know who you are?
How many prospective clients know what you can do to make their lives easier?
How can prospective clients find out more about you?
How do prospective clients remember what you can do for them & their colleagues?
How many prospective clients to you continually reach every month?
How do you showcase how your solution can make a difference to prospective clients? 
Quick easy way to determine if your marketing is working for you:
1. How many contacts are in your database now?
2. How much time did it take you to collect those contacts?
3. How often do you send information to your contacts?
4. How much time does it take you to create & send information about your solution to your contacts?
5. What is your hourly rate?
Add answer #2 + #4 = _________
Take that answer ________ & multiply it by answer #5 = _________
Divide that answer _________ by answer #1 = __________
This is your investment of time & money in collecting prospective clients contact information & sending them information yourself. Answer to #3 – how often do you send information to your contacts? 
Is this the best use of your time?
If not here is a quick & easy way to determine if the LinktoEXPERT sales funnel is the right for your lifestyle & business:
Our unique database exchange program allows you to reach tens of thous&s of prospective clients frequently & consistently.
You are known amongst the elite. 
You choose to: do it yourself, we do it with you or we do it for you.  
Save yourself time, money & your reputation.
Join the LinktoEXPERT collaborative community today!
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