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Get the book inside you OUT!
Author One Stop performs Book Appendectomies


We will professionally analyze, edit, and
 prepare your manuscript to help you get your book deal!
Whether your dream is to get your book published by a traditional publisher or you want to self-publish, it’s important that your book is as strong as it can possibly be.
This is where the job of having a professional editor comes in. Editors can turn your words into a cohesive manuscript to help you position yourself as the professional you are.
Having your book properly edited will also benefit all who read it. But what kind of editor do you need?
Developmental Editing – In a developmental editing round, the editor’s goal is to determine if the information you are presenting occurs in its most logical order. Is the information that you provide in Chapter 3 repeated in Chapter 7? If so, where does it really belong? Not every book needs developmental editing, but if your book does, a strong developmental editor will be your book’s best friend. Your developmental editor will make sure all the puzzle pieces of your book are in their correct sequence.
Line Editing – Once all of the elements of your book are in the correct order, your book can be line edited. In line editing, your editor will review your content in-depth and smooth out transitions, so the book reads well as a whole. Your editor will replace weak verbs with stronger ones without stilting the language. They will eliminate redundancies and overused “pet phrases.” They will professionalize your text overall while maintaining your voice and style.
Copyediting – Copyediting involves handling the technical aspects of your writing. Is the grammar correct? Are the tenses correct? What else needs to be fixed? In effect, copyeditors put on the final professional polish. Some editors combine line editing and copyediting in one fell swoop. Others delineate these two forms of editing.
The bottom line is your book is more than a bunch of words on a page; it is your dream. Your book represents your mark in the world. If your expertise is in your subject matter and not necessarily as a professional writer, be sure to have your book edited by a highly qualified book editor.
Are you working on a book?
All of my editors at Author One Stop, Inc. are seasoned editors who have either worked for publishers or who have edited many books that have sold to publishers. Beyond our editorial skills, we also have a strong understanding as to what publishers buy.
Please CALL ME call if you’d like to discuss your book!
Let's make the magic happen! Call (831) 726-3153 PST.
Randy Peyser
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