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*It's HERE* May 2022 edition of RHG Magazine
Check it out if you are ready to THRIVE!
Subject : *It's HERE* May 2022 edition of RHG Magazine
Date : Sat, 21 May 2022 12:11:00 -0400
Linked to : Rebecca Hall Gruyter
From : Rebecca Hall Gruyter
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?? Would you like to know how to overcome challenges so you can not only survive but THRIVE? 
?? Would you like to learn ways to bring more mindfulness, purposefulness and forward momentum to your business and life throughout this year?
Then our May issue is for you! Enjoy this special issue as we lean in to support you in remembering to keep mindfulness, meaning, momentum – and love – in your heart so you may thrive in your business and your life.
Our empowering columnists and experts you’ve grown to love—and some new ones we’re excited to introduce you to—have gathered to open-heartedly share their articles, insights, positive programs, tips, and encouragement.
Also notable in this issue:
? Article on our new Emerging Author How-To eBook Series (page 42) designed to support seasoned and emerging authors alike.
? Check out the Audible Books Section (page 41) for the current audibles we’re offering, so you can keep up with your reading while walking, driving, working out, or taking a break from your computer screen.
? Find the link for more information (page 34) on Link to Experts, your network of networkers.
We hope you enjoy this positive and empowering magazine as our gift to you — please share it with others to support their journey as well. 
Our expert columnists share their wisdom and insight to help you THRIVE…
? Mary E. Knippel gives you 21 self-care rituals to treat yourself gently – and “Unleash
and Thrive at the Speed of Light.”
? Shannon S. McKee shows you how, when so much of life feels out of your control, to
set intentions that will help you “Thrive as You Understand Your Self.”
? Deborah Myers believes the world conspires to allow you to thrive and shows you how
by “Manifesting All You Want – Even with Challenges!”
? Deborah Wiener shows you how to “THRIVE with Your A+ Team” through healthier relationships, more openness to new possibilities, and creating an environment you and your team will love to work in.
Meet our new and returning authors “IN THE SPOTLIGHT”...
Elle Ballard, personal brand coach and founder of Women of the World Network™, is devoted to helping multinational companies become more fulfilled, independent and happy while staying true to their individuality and uniqueness.
Beverly Brunelle, pioneering energy healer and intuitive for over 30 years, wants you to listen more clearly to how your words are influencing our life experience; and to create new words to support new possibilities for a more fulfilling life.
Elysia Butler, dynamic educator and teen advocate, is passionate about helping teens become heroes of their own story; and has tips that will inspire you as well.
Steve Fretzin, leadership coach for lawyers and podcast host, has fresh tips and ideas for attorneys who want to grow their business practices and live better lives.
Barbara Joyce, empowerment lifestyle coach, wants all women to create a life that’s authentic, juicy and fun, and offers guidance on taking the next steps to transform their lives with courage.
Carlo Trevisio, producer and conservation advocate, brings his Sicilian heritage to life with his colorful insights into Sicily’s culture, history, and beauty through thrilling story-telling.
Chris Williams and Martha Hanlon, cofounders of Wide Awake Business, work with leaders to accelerate their business acumen so they can thrive through strong values and without struggle.
RHG Magazine news and features:
? RHG TV Guide—check out the newly added programming, and your free access to live
and on-demand shows, both Television and Podcast.
? Celebrate 16 powerful bestsellers this year so far, including our own “Step into Your
Brilliant Purpose!”
? Announcing 8 new book releases through the Summer—plan for those special
introductory rates to add these books to your library while supporting our authors!
? Celebrate our top major media influencers in 2022—remember to read the details in this
section if you want to expand your reach by being recognized in major media!
? Announcing the release of our Emerging Author How-To eBook Series, FREE to
download—soup-to-nuts information for seasoned and emerging authors alike!
Use the wisdom and joy in this issue to THRIVE this season with mindfulness, purpose, and
love in your heart. Make sure to subscribe to the magazine by clicking the information tab so
you don’t miss hearing the latest as new shows, writers and announcements are being added in
each issue.
All of us in the RHG Family send you love and support!
Rebecca Hall Gruyter, founder/Owner
Your Purpose Driven Practice
Best Selling Author, Radio Show Host, Speaker
Leadership Coach, Empowerment Leader, Business Coach
About Rebecca:
Rebecca Hall Gruyter is the founder of Your Purpose Driven Practice, a Character Code Coach®, Master Trainer, Creator of the Women’s Empowerment Series, a Best Selling Author, Creator of Your Success Formula™, and Owner of a successful private practice. She has a track record of leading executive teams through complex information to streamline results. She is committed to helping you line up your business with you, your core values, and your passions so that you can impact the world in the unique and wonderful way in which you are gifted.
Rebecca has been featured on many Success Panels, Blog Talk Radio, Entrepreneur Initiative, and is a Radio Show Host on the Empowerment Channel of Voice America. She has over 15 years experience speaking, leading, and empowering others, and has received numerous awards for her sales expertise. Rebecca also recently received the award of Client Coach of the Year for her transformational work. Rebecca wants to help you be seen, heard, and shine!
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